Whats My Ouija Worth?

How Much for my Ouija board?

I love this question, now I have just been watching Ebay and all I can say is if fuel was Ouija boards we would run out of it before we bought it. What am I talking about?

Cat and deluxe  parker Brothers OuijaThe price people ask for a Ouija and the price they get like most things in life  varies greatly. This Morning

I took for an example of a Parker brothers 1992-1998 boards.  This item was massed produced, not of any great quality but in saying that probably the last sort of decent board Parker brother/ Hasbro have done.It range was .99 to $331.. WOW

The secret of selling a Ouija Revealed!!

These boards appeared in three ways:

  1. The” sell this item I don’t care way” I am just selling it way..
  2. The “ask heaps and sell what a bonus way”…
  3.  “Throw in a crap story  and hope some sucker buys it anyway”

Category one,  Listed corrected , nice photo general description, start price from .99 to $10 sensible freight. They seem to make  about $15-$20 in the USA. For US readers throw in international freight and you will discover (Bingo) more people will bid.

But Note***add you freight costs!! Australian readers (NON us) freight is the killer. That can vary from $32- $60 USD then add the board cost.

Category two, Ask some ridiculous price for a board you bought at an op shop for $5…. You will list this many times. If you watch these things as much as I do you just see the same old same old just going around week after week like a tired old racehorse waiting for the rest of the field to fall over and pick up a win. Yes Dorothy some do sell, but most don’t until they get back to a sensible price or at least have something to offer.

Category three, This is interesting. Its a bit like the you have just won $2 Million from a Nigerian bank  email. Somehow these seem to sell. Usually its along the lines of ” found in a Cemetery” “Haunted” ” previous owner was a witch” Used on the set of Buffy the vampire slayer” on and on it goes. Can a board be haunted, no more than a toilet seat.

I admit I tried this a couple of time in the early days of selling Ouija boards. I would use the word Creepy, weird or the best phrase is I just want this thing gone!!. I must also admit I have had some boards that those phrases would apply too..Its a bit obvious these days and collectors have a huge laugh at this.

Now if you have a board worth something that’s a big difference but most of those on E bay the standard Post 1965  types are worth a basic figure. They are not rare, nor will they ever replace currency. Good condition especially in the  blue ghost varieties will command a higher price, the 1970’s boards not so much  unless they are the early Masonite varieties.

1990’s look good and are readily available. as for glow in the dark, mass produced and over priced.

Now seriously, what is my Ouija worth?

charles77 010-400

The older you go and the more history or rarity you can compile the better. True collectors are passionate about the history, Yes they research it like its a moon landing, that’s where you big money will come from. Like stamps, coins or cars the big dough comes from the person whom wants it and wants it bad. But its got to be good.

I am always happy  to give you my opinion of a board anytime contact Colin at Ouijaboard Australia call Australia 0418 835 978

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