The Rajah Ouija, Most color-ful of the old boards.


Incorporating colour into the Ouija was  definitely a big moment in the 20th century. Formally they had been rather dull , print on timber. Hasko-lite the wooden tray makers  designed a tray and later boards small and large in a series of color and design.

In the 1940 Gift craft had the Swami and the Rajah, color style and imagination went into the mystic style of these boards.


Lithograph became better and printing improved  to develop many makes and types of boards from then.

The unfortunate thing was the pressed board timber that with age  and dropping caused dents in the corners of the boards.

with age  and dropping caused dents and flaking in the corners of the boards.

These days expect well over $100 for one of these in average shape.

One Response

  1. andy says:

    Just getting ready to post one of these Rajah boards on Ebay

    Near mint condition with pointer & wrapping/box

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