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The Ouija, weegie, or mystic board

Since the beginning of time man has been driven to now the answers to life’s complex yet most basic questions.Why?, When? How? Throughout  history many forms of prophecy has been explored.

Over 1000 years ago in china the evolution of the ouija began with a automatic writing instrument controlled by spirits of  fore fathers called  扶乩 Fuji.  This was seen as a normal form of communication and was not labelled as that in today’s  society as evil or provoking evil. The idea evolved into the late 19 th century when the writing planchette was produced commercially and sold well to the curiosity of the late 1800’s consumers.

May I stick my neck out here and say the modern Ouija Or witchboard then was developed  in about 1885 by the WS Reed toy company in the USA. At that time one was to be believed to be given to a US President for a wedding present 1886 (Boston Globe 5th June 1886). The Godfather of the Ouija William Fuld a truly remarkable business man followed soon after and the rest is history.

Society has been heavily influenced into what is right and wrong with the Ouija in fact  the Ouija could be seen as its biggest enemy with Hollywood style  interpretations of the evil it produces. This is always a area of discussion with no real winners either side. Science has its opinions, religious groups too. Its also be associated with mental illness and the effect it may have on some users.. Movies like the Exorcist  created in one way a morbid fear of evil but in another  way created a curiosity with the Ouija-board.

Collection of Ouijaboards

The Ouija has become a cultural icon based mainly in the USA  of the early to mid  20th century.

Most of this was driven by marketing of this  board cleverly done by business people of the time and even today. These people and companies produced many different versions of the ouija board. Some have become symbolic to many generations reminising usage at a time when the ouija was just another board game to collectors today whom are not users but collect  the many different variety of antique and vintage boards.

The history of the 20th century  has seen a marked curiosity of paranormal activism including, Clairvoyance, tarot reader, Palm reader, ruins, astrology and more. The 1930,s and the 1960’s resonate at peak times. Coincidentally these times especially in USA history have been difficult time for the Public. Stock market collapses, world war or the threat of war made the public  yearning for answers to life’s issues, Even back in Ancient china the same concerns were raised and the curiosity was similar.




The Ouija today has several followers:

The Collector of Ouija

$4000 Ouija BoardOver the last 120 years many boards have been produced commercially and its these that has the appeal to a collector. Recenty a Nirvana Board made $4000 US at Auction.

Many of the William Fuld boards that became Parker brothers boards too are collectible and most can be purchased at a reasonable cost. Haskolite industries makers of pressed wood trays involved themselves in possibly the most artistic boards of the last 60 years and many many other. Boards were made  on license too in many other countries including Canada, UK, and Australia being Dunlop in the mid 1960’s.

Many of the earlier boards dating back between 1890 and 1910 too are very collectible as the design  has not altered greatly. Names like Kennard, Bond & Fuld come to light as the originators of the Ouija of today.

The first time curios user:

The purchaser here is someone whom has a question or wishes to go that next step in evaluating the Ouija. Many times I have been asked about the Ouija for recently departed. For some it does help it may give an answer that helps in the process of mourning just like a visit to a clairvoyant or tarot reader can give. When using a Ouijaboard for these reasons not always are the answer what is expected by the user.  In this case also many of the users have some form of physic abiliy know to them selves and this often help them with their own ability to answer the questions asked.

The professional User:

Usually this person has the confidence and the knowledge to use a ouijaboard. They have a understanding of what it is about and dont have that Hollywood mentality associated with them. These people also use items like divination tools, pendulums , tarot and in most cases are well aware they have the gift to use these items with results.


Some people should not use a Ouijaboard.

Yes this could be you,  then again some people should not use matches. In Mexico as part of a show of strenght amongst some religious groups they burnt Ouijaboards labeling them as evil and dangerous. Now thats not a surprise however these same people burnt Harry Potter books labeling them the same. Now if you fear the Ouija and expect that as soon as you attempt using it you will grow a tail and become possessed dont use one.

On a serious side to the Ouija if you feel some one has a mental illness  and is likely to misconstrue  the answers given or looking for strange answers  these users too should be stopped for their own benefit. Questions should never be asked about death, lottery numbers, betting outcomes  and restraint and respect should be regarded.

For some the Ouija will not work at all.

The Ouija board is just a tool, a user could use cut out letters and a small glass to get result. Its not the board its usually the user.

Ultimatley have some fun with the Ouija , don’t let it become you life guidance, have respect and don’t be to literate with the answers given.

In most cases the answers are within and the Ouija board will bring it out for you.

Enjoy the mystery of the Ouija board Its mystery will out live us.